It’s National Dog Week!

National Dog Week was founded in 1928 by Will Judy, publisher of Dog World Magazine. Today it is the oldest all-breed dog magazine in the country. Judy’s mission was to educate dog owners about caring for their dogs responsibly. He was a founder of the Dog Writers Association of America.

What’s New

New Products at Pet Mania! Pet Mania has new products at its stores! A new dog food brand “Now” from Petcurean! Pet Mania has also increased their freezer space at all 3 stores to offer more raw diets! See details below! New Dog Food Brand Introducing “Now” from Petcurean Visit their website to learn more […]

We Believe In Giving Back

At Pet Mania we believe in two important principles: we want to help as many dogs as possible live the best lives possible and that there is no one factor that matters more in a dog’s life than nutrition.

Celebrating 25 Years!

Wow!! Time does fly… We are humbled by the fact that Pet Mania started 25 years ago.  It seems not long ago we cautiously opened our doors at Beacon Plaza on New Bern Ave in Raleigh.  We followed our hearts and love for animals when we greeted our first customers on February 1, 1988.  We […]